Route 66 - Mymotherroad

What are the must see attractions in the US? New York – Empire State Building, Las Vegas – The Strip, San Francisco – Golden Gate Bridge, Arizona – Grand Canyon, South Dakota – Mount Rushmore, Washington, DC – White House, Utah – Monument Valley, Florida – The Keys and to top it – cruising Route 66!

We were impressed by all the sites and enjoyed visiting them. But Route 66 was and will be something very special to us.

It is hard to grasp. It is a feeling! History comes alive on Route 66.

Testaments of times past and present are along Route 66. People who lived there since it started, abandoned gas stations, reborn diners, nostalgic motels, cars left behind that will never again cruise Route 66. It creates an unexplainable feeling which is the magic of Route 66.

During our first round trip through the Southwest we cruised a short section of Route 66 and were enchanted by the road, the old and historic buildings and the people we met. Of course the Route 66 feeling!

We wanted more of it. So we included a new section of Route 66 in almost all our US trips. To date, September 2013, we covered Los Angeles to Tucumcari during four trips.

So far we have not experienced all of Route 66. During October 2013 we plan to investigate the section we have not yet travelled.

For years I have read every article, watched every TV show, know every video on UTube and Vimeo about Route 66. I know every forum and every blog and site about Route 66. I read at least 4-5 travel guides.

I want to share my experience and my knowledge of Route 66 with the readers of my site.