Route 66 - MyFavourite Locations/Attractions

Erick – Sandhills Curiosity Shop/ City Meat Market
Harley and Annabelle operated the small store until 2010. “Mediocre Music Makers” they called themselves. The store is housed in the oldest building in the village of Erick, a former butcher shop (City Meat Market). Harley and Annabelle also liked to perform for their guests or organize jam sessions.
Address: 201 South Sheb Wooley Avenue, Erick, OK

Texola – Ghosttown
Texola is the last town on the Route 66 in Oklahoma, on the border to Texas. This small town has 30 residents at most. A part of the place is completely abandoned. In the 1910s 300 people lived in Texola, formerly called Texokla, then Texoma and today finally Texola.
Aadress: Old Route 66, Texola, OK

Staunton – Country Classic Cars
This Route 66 attraction is a must-see for anyone interested in cars. Classics of all makes and model years can be found here. In addition to sales you can visit the exhibits and the lot for $ 1 admission.
Address: 2149 E. Frontage Road, Staunton, IL

Joliet – Prison (Correctional Center)
The prison was in operation from 1858 to 2002. The Joliet Prison was built with the help of prisoners, the building cost $ 75,000. The prison is famous for being the site of several movies and series such as “The Blues Brothers” and the U.S. series “Prison Break”.
Address: 1125 Collins Street Joliet, IL

Livingston – Pink Elephant Antique Mall
This Antique Mall is housed in an old school building. Preceded by a Beach Guy, who is not a Muffler Man. But The Muffler Man (Harley Davidson) stands on the lawn in front the mall. Also to be found on the lawn in front of the mall the Pink Elephant, a UFO and an ice cream stand in shaped like an ice cream cone. A wealth of photo opportunities for Route 66 travelers.
Address: 908 Veterans Memorial Dr, Livingston, IL