Route 66 - Routing - itinerary advise

Here, I provide some itinerarys. There are not many ways to vary the Route 66 because it is preset. However, it depends on how much time you have to drive on the route to 66.

Therefore, I have prepared itineraries for 14 days, 21 days and 30 days for you. Some tours are with detours /side trips, others without time consuming detours. If you have less than 14 days, it makes no sense to drive Route 66, there are at least 2450 miles, which must be covered.

An optimal duration is certainly 21 to 24 days. In this time frame you have enough time for the attractions on Route 66 and a few more days for sightseeing in cities such as Chicago, St. Louis and Los Angeles.

I also give you suggestions to drive Route 66 from West to East (Westbound) or to from East to West (Eastbound).

What makes more sense? I can not make that decision – some people say that they like to go from east to west, while others prefer to go from west to east.

Feel free to use or modify my route suggestions.
Since I am neither a camper nor motorcyclists, I designed all route suggestions for driving by car and with overnight stays in motels/hotels.

If you are traveling by recreational vehicle (RV) or by motorcycle you may have to modify these routes.

Have fun on Route 66! Be it at a leisurely pace or eating miles, one thing is certain, you will not forget the experience of “Route 66”.