Route 66 - Attractions - Illinois - Gas Stations

Cicero - Robin Hood Muffler Shop

Cicero – Robin Hood Muffler Shop
Even at times when Route 66 had a very high volume of traffic, your exhaust could be fixed in Robin Hood Muffler Shop. Today the shop is for sale.
Address: 6131 West Ogden Avenue/Ecke 61Street, Cicero, IL

Dick's Towing Service

Joliet – Dick’s Towing on Route 66
This auto shop is still in operation. For over 30 years Dick offers its automotive services. The location across from the “Rich & Creamy” on Route 66 become also a Route 66 attraction itself.
Address: 911 N Broadway Street, Joliet, IL

Ambler's Texaco Gas Station

Dwight – Ambler’s Texaco Gas Station
This old gas station was built in 1933, it was also known under the name “Vernon’s Texaco station” or “Becker‘s Martahon gas station.” The name comes from the Ambler longtime owner Basil Ambler. In 2002, the building has been completely restored and is now under the management of the National Park Service.
Address: 417 W Waupansie Street (old Route 66), Dwight, IL

Route 66 Services Center

Dwight – Route 66 Services Center
The Route 66 Service Center is not an old gas station, but it has been prepared with two old gas pumps in front. The owner restored everything he can find, in the building at the Old Route 66.
Address: 209 S Old Route 66 Dwight, IL

Odell – John Stonecipher’s Mobil Station
This old gas station was open from the 1950s until 1989. It is located in Odell on Route 66. There is a little giftshop inside.
Address: 102 S. West Street, Odell, IL

Standard Oil Gas Station - Odell, IL

Odell – Standard Oil Gas Station
1932 this old gas station was opened, business was very good in the heyday of Route 66. In the 1960s, the gas station became workshop that was closed for good in 1975. A few years ago the Standard Oil gas station has been restored and is now a souvenir shop and a small museum.
Address: 400 S West Street (old Route 66), Odell, IL

Walker Store & Gas Station

Shirley/Funks Grove – Walker Store & Gas Station
The old shop is one of the oldest on Route 66 in order to see it, you take a right at the two major in radio Grove silos. The old 19th century building was once a grocery store and a gas station.
Address: old Route 66 Funks Grove, IL

Lincoln - Texaco Gas Station

Lincoln – Texaco Gas Station
Today it is no longer a gas station, but only one Route-66 attraction. Next to the old Texaco sign a large mural of a Route 66 sign is painted on the wall.
Address: 5th Street and Washington, Lincoln, IL

Die Cast Auto Sales

Williamsville – Die Cast Auto Sales
“Die Cast Car Sales” is housed in a converted service station from the 1930s. Visitors will find a large collection of “Die Cast Model”, Coca-Cola signs and Route 66 souvenirs. Outside there are all sorts of figures and two old gas pumps.
Address: 117 N. Elm Street Williamsville, IL

Lauterbach Tireshop, Springfiled, IL

Springfiled – Lauterbach Tire Shop /Muffler Man
The family business in Springfield was established in 1985, not an original Route 66 attraction but with a Muffler Man out front, which was rebuilt after a tornado in 2006.
Address: 1569 Wabash Ave, Springfiled, IL

Soulsby Service Station

Mount Olive – Soulsby Service Station
The large volume of traffic in 1926 ushered in a golden era for entrepreneurs, such as as Henry Soulsby. The son of Irish immigrants opened this gas station in 1926 in Mount Olive. Until about 1950, the gas station was operational. His son of Henry repaired cars, other electronic devices, and kept the business open until 1991.
Address: Historic Route 66, Mount Olive, IL